A Good Year? (extended)

Drew sat at the window of the offices above the diner and kept watch while Grace slept. He couldn’t sleep yet, not until he found somewhere that was completely secure. Morning was approaching and the sky was already turning blue, it looked like it was going to be a good day, weather wise at least.

Something in the air caught Drew’s eye and he leaned closer to focus on it. Gently floating across the sky was a Goodyear blimp. Drew let out a little chuckle. A good year? Not likely!! As the blimp drew closer he could make out more detail and he saw cables trailing underneath it with a man hanging from them, struggling to release himself!! Drew was about to go to the roof to see if there was anything he could do when the wind blew the man around to face him. Half of the man’s face was missing and he was well past saving!!

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