These Friday Fictioneer pics really are inspiring me, I might actually be able to put all these down as a compilation at some point!!


Here is Madison’s link:


FINALLY!! The golden arches beamed in the dimming light, signalling civilisation. As Drew got closer to town however his hope began to fade. Cars were piled up at the drive through, trying to escape onto the roads with no luck. Bodies hung out of the windows of the cars like the people had been trying to escape or had been pulled out by zombies as if they were their very own happy meal!!


Drew ran into the restaurant and almost collapsed when he saw her, tears running down his face. There she was, playing with the moths that were seeking out the light in the dark, his beautiful daughter, Grace.

14 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Janet says:

    This played out like the scene of a movie – glad there was a happy ending. Here’s mine:

  2. TheOthers1 says:

    I’m glad he found her. Is there more parts to this story? The zombie – happy meal comment skeeved me out for some reason.

    My attempt:

    • oni1138 says:

      this is just the beginning!! I have a whole plot written down for where I want the story to go, only time will tell if it ever sees the light of day!!

  3. The Lime says:

    Very cool. It does sound like an inspired beginning! Good work.

    Mine’s here:

  4. yaral says:

    Nice, always glad to see zombies.
    Here is mine

  5. Hi, nice to meet you on this platform…am a member of the gang on others days that’s not today.

  6. Kwadwo says:

    Thank God Grace was unharmed.
    Nicely done.

    Here’s my link:

  7. I was left with the suspicion that little Grace isn’t as innocent and harmless as she seems – after all, something has gone horribly wrong here!

    My story –

  8. JKBradley says:

    What had dragged all the corpses through the windows? I like it.

    Here’s mine:

  9. I love the desolate, sad image of Grace sitting there, happily playing with moths. And the horror of the bodies hanging halfway out of the cars. This is a messed-up world!

    I also went went post-apocalyptic.…on-crazy-moths/

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