Concrete Hope? (extended)

Though I’d put on some of my earlier stuff as it was before I edited it to fit the Friday Fictioneers 🙂



Drew landed, or more like crashed, onto the floor. He lay there for a few moments trying to catch his breath as he looked at his hands, they looked like he’d stuck them in a blender. The climb hadn’t been easy but it had saved his life. He could still hear the moans coming from the horde that had clawed at him as he’d fought to get into this concrete haven.


Drew looked around and as his eyes focused in the dim moonlight streaming from the skylight he’d crashed through he saw the wooden beams and boards barely covering the walls. Drew realised that what he thought was his salvation was just a concrete coffin. He looked closer at the boards on the wall and noticed scratches running down the boards like someone had been trying to get out though the walls.


Then he heard the guttural roar coming from out of the darkness and Drew realised there were no doors, windows or exits where he could make his escape this time. He steadied himself, ready to fight…

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