Quite a beautiful picture this week but my mind does have a way of twisting things, hope you like!!


Madisons link:

There was no food. He just stood there slightly swaying, looking ahead, eyes darting left and right watching for any sign of movement. The field stretched out in front of him, the sun shining through the morning mist creating a vivid rainbow. Not that it mattered, it was lost on him, he just wanted food.

There was a sound behind him. It was quiet at first then, as he started turning around, the sounds came faster. Just as he was about to move a heavy pipe came crashing down on his head, caving his skull in immediately.

Drew stood over the zombie, panting. One more down…

30 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. Sandra says:

    Drew vanquishes again! Nice one. Although zombies and this bucolic scene seem somewhat at odds.

  2. A different take on the prompt, though the rainbow was visible. Mine is here:

  3. Ha! That was an unexpected twist. Drew obviously read The Zombie Survival Guide.

    I’m here:

  4. Nice! looks like you’re character is working well with all the prompts. Though I will be more careful not to be distracted by peaceful surroundings, just in case something is lurking in the bushes! 🙂

  5. Wow – so not what I expected!!! I loved this!! Very well done….

  6. Loving where this is going!! 😉

  7. Gary says:

    I like the zombie perspective at the beginning…before Drew smashes its brain in, of course!

    One quick bit of advice for you Andy: try pasting a link to your story along with any comments on others’ stories. It’ll help get you a few more page views/comments. 🙂

  8. Jake Collin says:

    Ha! This was awesome! A) Stories are more fun when zombies are around. B) There aren’t nearly enough zombie perspectives. Zombies have feelings, too.

    My much less zombie infected story:

  9. rich says:

    “he just wanted food.” nice, i didn’t know that was a zombie until he got smacked. nice job.

  10. Michael Fishman says:

    Very nice, I liked this one a lot. Part of that is because I like anything with zombies and part of that is because it was well written and read better the second time when I knew the main character was a zombie.

    Here’s mine:

  11. Scott Hays says:

    While I read the first paragraph, I thought to myself, “self, this thing I’m reading seems kind of dead.” When, in the next paragraph, I found whom I thought to be a hungry narrator was a dead zombie, I reread that first paragraph. Yup, zombies stand there pretty fixed, swaying slightly back and forth … but their eyes DO dart, watching for anything that moves. Yup, zombies can give a rat’s patootey about beautiful sunlit fields covered in mist and with gorgeous rainbows shining in the air. Not a hint of a desire for gold. No desire, at all … except for food. Well done!

    Mine is at, but has no pipes.

  12. I’m appreciating Drew’s varied methods of zombie population control.


  13. I like that twist at the end, awesome way of writing. I’m glad you recommended this to me, I’m going to have lots of fun writing on my new page and reading your stories

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