This is an oldie but I wanted to post something straight away, hope you like it 🙂


A place to escape the thoughts and feelings
that plauge my waking life.

In my dreams I have no problems.
There are no issues that need my attention,
nothing to wreck the fragility of my mind.

I have courage and determination,
nothing is out of my grasp.
I am capable of anything in my dreams,
unlike my waking self.

Sometimes I wish I could just sleep and never wake.
Would I be missed?
Or would I be replaced like a leaky battery?
Dead and of use to no one.

I like my unconcious self.
I can jump fences and walls with ease,
I am a master of martial arts
and the perfect father.

Money is no object,
I never need worry if
I can afford that treat,
if the next bill can be paid
or whether that car can be bought.

Is sleep like death
but without the need to wake up
and face the real nightmare?
Sometimes I long to find out.

I’m trapped in the nightmare
with no way out.
Wandering through the dark
with only a torch to keep the monsters at bay.

My children are my reason to keep fighting,
though I worry one day
I wont be strong enough to continue.
Then only one thing will remain.


2 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Andy Flood says:

    Some dark elements in this but I suspect and hope that writing it proved cathartic. One or two lines might make for useful matras. And with a slight shift in perspective, you may find that dream and reality can be closer than you might think 😉

  2. oni1138 says:

    yeah, kinda wrote this when I was in that place!! Alas I tend to go there more often than I like!!

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